Manuscript evaluation

This is usually done by a graphic designer and this process includes various things such as choosing font styles, page size, margin settings and line spacing.

Cover Design

At this stage, an expert graphic designer will design the cover of your book in line with your story while making sure that your book stands out anywhere it might land.


After editing the book goes through proofreading to make sure that there are no mistakes and that the content is of the highest quality.

Printing Book

This is when the book is sent to a printer and is printed according to the specifications as set up by your publisher.

E-book Conversion

This is when a professional converts your physical publication to an e-book format so that it can be read on electronic devices.


This is when your book is made available to customers through retail outlets and online bookshops.


At this stage, we insert copyright information on your documents to protect your work.

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Image Brochures

We help you create image brochures to showcase or communicate the services and products of your business to relevant stakeholders.


We develop materail for internal or external communication. This can be in the form of booklets, newsletters and so on.


We offer printing solutions for different kind of booklets, brochures, books and guides. We offer high quality printing solutions.


We offer various packaging solutions for products.